InfiniBand Test Specification  1.0.38
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Inherits TransportTest.

Public Member Functions

 C09_060_03_01 ()
boolean execute () throws TestException

Protected Member Functions

boolean initialize () throws TestException


Abstract: This test verifies the completion rules for Reliable Services.

Coverage: v1c09-060

Topology Configuration: SimpleLink: Tester=Transport Tester; Width=1X, 4X, or 12X; DUT=xCA

Test Case Description

◆ C09_060_03_01() V1C09-060 RC RDMA Write Case (inverted requester/responder)

Assertions: V1c09-060#03


  • The TT (as requester) will post a RC RDMA Write message expecting an Ack from the DUT (as responder)
  • Variable CC as structure of type ChannelContext_t
  • Variable WRITEWQE as structure of type RcWriteDut_t
  • Variables PACKET_IN, PACKET_OUT as structure of type PacketType_t
  • Variable COMPLETE as structure of type PollDut_t
  • Variable N of type Integer for loops

Developer: Mike Bogochow

Test Procedure

◆ initialize()

boolean initialize ( ) throws TestException


  1. OpenRcChannel( CC ) // (reliable connection)

◆ execute()

boolean execute ( ) throws TestException

Test Procedure:

  1. Register memory region for receiving remote packets

  2. Post one receive request for each expected packet from DUT

  3. Transmit 2 RC Write WQEs from TT at size (3 * PMTU). Each message will contain 3 packets. see Post Send Packets x2

  4. Receive all expected packets

  5. Verify all packets were received and were valid

  6. Verify each message contains an AETH and that the MSN values correspond to each of the transmitted messages

  7. CloseRcChannel( CC )

    • Remark: Flush unacknowledged WQE.

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