InfiniBand Test Specification  1.0.38
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Inherits MadTest.

Public Member Functions

 C13_014_01 ()
boolean execute () throws TestException

Protected Member Functions

boolean initialize () throws TestException

Detailed Description V1C13-013.1.1 RESPONSE TIME VALUE

Abstract: These tests verify that the Response Time Value (RespTimeValue) default is set correctly, timers are set & reset for the particular operation being performed.

Coverage: v1c13-013.1.1, v1c13-014, v1c13-15, v1c13-016

Topology Configuration: SimpleLink: Tester=MADTester, Width=1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, or 12X, Speed=SDR, DDR, QDR, FDR, EDR, HDR, DUT=Node

Test Case Description

◆ C13_014_01() RESPTIMEVALUE SINGLE PACKET EXCHANGE Assertions: v1c13-013.1.1#03, v1c13-014#01, v1c13-015#01, v1c13-016#01, v1c13-016#02


  • MAD_RESPTV is a variable of type MadPacketSpec.
  • TIMER1 is a unique timer value for this test only.PortInfo applies to all ports except external switch ports.
  • ESTSTO is the estimated subnet timeout.

Test Procedure

◆ initialize()

boolean initialize ( ) throws TestException


  1. PortInfo:PortState is Initialized, Armed or Active for both MADTester and DUT.

  2. ESTSTO = 0.5 seconds.

◆ execute()

boolean execute ( ) throws TestException

Test Procedure:

  1. SendMad (SubnGet(PortInfo) )

  2. Start TIMER1

  3. MAD_RESPTV = ReceiveMad (SubnGetResp(PortInfo) )

  4. Stop TIMER1

  5. VerifyMad(MAD_RESPTV,MADHeader:Status == 0)

  6. Verify(TIMER1 <= 4.3 seconds + (2 * 4.096 usec * 2 ^ PortInfo:SubnetTimeout)) v1c13-013.1.1#03

  7. Verify(TIMER1 <= 4.096 usec * (2 ^ MAD_RESPTV.PortInfo:RespTime-Value+2 * ESTST0)) // v1c13-015#01, v1c13-016#01, v1c13-016#02 Remark: Verify MAD_RESPTV.RespTimeValue is equal to max interval of the responding ports

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