InfiniBand Test Specification  1.0.38
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C14_017abstract V1C14-017 M_KEY LEASE PERIOD TIMER More...

Inherits MadTest.

Inherited by C14_017_01, C14_017_02, C14_017_03, C14_017_04, and C14_017_05.

Protected Member Functions

boolean initialize () throws TestException

Detailed Description V1C14-017 M_KEY LEASE PERIOD TIMER

Base class for C14_017_* tests.

Test Procedure

◆ initialize()

boolean initialize ( ) throws TestException
  1. DUT PortInfo:PortState = Initialize, Armed, or Active.

  2. DUT PortInfo:M_Key = M_KEY_DUT.

  3. DUT PortInfo:M_KeyProtectBits = M_KEY_PROTECT_BITS

  4. DUT PortInfo:M_KeyLeasePeriod = LEASE_PERIOD

  5. PortInfo:M_KeyViolations = M_KEY_VIOLATIONS

  6. SendMad()

  7. ReceiveMad()

  8. Verify MadStatus = 0

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