Compliance Test Suite

CTS is an application and framework which provides for the development and execution of compliance tests. The current version of the test suite provides InfiniBand™ testing based on the Compliance and Interoperability Working Group InfiniBand™ Test Specification and transport layer tests for RDMA over Converged Ethernet.

The CTS framework is designed to be extensible and modular in order to allow for development and execution of tests from any technology. CTS runs on a machine with a local tester HCA/RNIC which should be directly connected to the device under test (DUT) which may be either an InfiniBand™ switch or another HCA/RNIC.


There are a total of fifty seven tests from the Management, Subnet Management and Subnet Administration chapters of the InfiniBand™ Architecture Specification Volume 1.


There are currently twenty five tests which verify conformance at the transport networking layer. The transport tests API is written in C++ to allow for direct access to user-level verbs APIs. A Java compatibility layer allows for the tests to be implemented in Java. For a list of all the implemented tests, check the CTS test definitions.


  • Get your product to market faster! Be prepared for compliance testing by utilizing CTS ahead of time.
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • Results are conveyed through user-friendly html pages.


  • Convenient command line operation capability.
  • Written with modular framework, so that it may be developed for a variety of test suites.
  • Currently the only software available for InfiniBand compliance testing.

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