S-Parameter Compliance Tool

The S-Parameter Compliance Tool (SPCT) is a client software application which allows a user to analyze the results of a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) s32p file. The tool was developed by Software Forge and is powered by MATLAB. It provides unprecedented speed and accuracy for post-processing s32p files generated by the Keysight 32-port VNA. The tool analyzes a cable’s VNA results against limits defined in the InfiniBand® Trade Association (IBTA) specification for FDR and EDR cables. The tool generates images, figures, and a summary spreadsheet containing all of the raw values broken down by each lane of the cable as well as final pass/fail results. SPCT is used in the IBTA Plugfest to verify cable compliance required to be listed on the Integrator's List.


  • Verifies compliance of FDR and EDR cables to IBTA specification
  • Provides fast and accurate analysis of VNA output files
  • Features easy to interpret pass/fail output


  • Calculate all S-Parameter values measured from a cable
  • Compare S-Parameter values to the limits defined in the IBTA specification
  • Generate images, figures and spreadsheets to show the results
  • Process a s32p file and arrive at Pass/Fail results in minutes