HPC Performance Monitor (HPC-PM)

HPC-PM is an application for measuring and monitoring network performance of RDMA and/or TCP connections. It is a valuable tool for a variety of use cases including for diagnostics and engineering purposes. On the surface it can provide a quick visualization of the performance characteristics of a network but at its core it can provide in depth comparisons between multitudes of different network and operation configurations. In addition to the powerful GUI controls on the client side, HPC-PM features cutting edge performance monitoring tools on its server side which were engineered specifically for interfacing with the HPC-PM client. It uses a client/server model in which the user interfaces with the client application. The client application will connect to remote server installations where the network operations are actually performed. Contact Software Forge today for additional information and pricing.


  • Control from anywhere with remote access.
  • Easy to interpret data output with graphical reports.
  • Save time by utilizing saved configurations.
  • Allows automatic discovery of all networks configured on Bright Cluster Manager with optional integration.


  • Configure a variety of testing scenarios between any number of remote servers.
  • Configure and execute RDMA and TCP performance operations on remote servers.
  • Measure multiple metrics of operations run over a fabric or network
  • Monitor server CPU statistics during operation execution
  • Optional integration with computer clusters through Bright Computing, Inc. Bright Cluster Manager.

Demo Video